Turkish Wushu-Kung Fu Federation and Kyokushin Turkiye Organization organise an event and of the 2017, between 30-31 December.

The main aim of seminar was technical qualification, kata, kihon and competitation rules. There were 60 trainer and referee join this seminar different province from Turkiye. All technical seminars was held leadership of Kwf Turkiye Representative Shihan Turgut ORDU and Sensei İsa SAĞLAM, Şevki ERDOĞAN and Musa YURDAKUL assists him. Referee course held by Referee Committee President Sensei Feyyaz KAYACI and vise-president Mahmut MARTİN. It was great and very useful event for all participants. In this seminar, they were plan the organization wich will held in 2018.

On behalf KWF Turkiye and Kyokushin Turkiye Organization we wish all Kyokushin practitioner around the world happy and healty new years.



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